Hi, my name is Angran Li (李昂然). I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at New York University-Shanghai. Before joining NYU Shanghai, I was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Zhejiang University. I completed my Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Connecticut.

My research interests lie in social stratification/inequality, sociology of education, family, urban sociology, higher education, and quantitative methods. Broadly defined, my work seeks to examine the mechanisms through which social, spatial, and temporal contexts shape various individual outcomes. In particular, I study how various social settings (e.g., families, schools, communities, and neighborhoods), independently or jointly, influence parental practices and educational outcomes. I explore how those relationships affect the intergenerational transmission of advantages/disadvantages across social locations from a comparative perspective. I am also interested in causal inference based on rigorous research design with a focus on using big data in social science research. My recent substantive research has been published in the Social Forces, Sociology of Education, Social Science Research, and Chinese Sociological Review.

Since the Coronavirus has profound impacts on humanity, I am also examining the potential short- and long-term consequences of the COVID-19 on our societies.

Please feel free to email me at angranli19@gmail.com or al8090@nyu.edu if you would like to know any more information.